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Moving Tips

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Keep your silverware in the plastic tray just use plastic wrap and wrap it up no mess no fuss. You can also use it to keep drawers closed.

Try using foam plates in between you good plates this will help protect them during the moving process.

Use trash bags and place stuffed animals and blankets in them. Afterwards you can then use them between furniture and other fragile items in the moving truck. This will help to keep things from shift while the truck is inroute.

Use masking tape to make a large X on mirrors and glass frames, it won’t stop it from breaking but it will absorb some of the shock. It will also keep the glass in the frame in the unfortunate case that it does break. 🙁

Jumbled up cords are a pain when you don’t know what they go to or what goes with what. Take a picture of the back of your TV’s and computers so you have a reference. You can even buy colored tape, tape the cord then place tape by the port that it goes in.

I know you are saying Duh… but you never know pack thing such as toilet paper, tooth paste and brush, medications, snacks, cleaning supplies, COFFEE and coffee maker, a first-aid kit, a utility knife, flash light, bedding, cups, disposable plates, and kitchen utensils.

Bunch them together and put a garbage bag around them. This way you don’t have to take them on and off hangers and your clothes will be ready to put in the next closet. Done…

Have heavy books, use roller luggage it’s an easy way to move them. No lifting just roll them away.

Want a stinky refrigerator? Nobody wants that. Don’t forget to defrost your refrigerator! You should defrost it then towel dry, and clean it a day or two before your moving day. Presto no stink!

Cutting handholds in two sides of the box with a utility knife will make it easy to pick up and lift heavy boxes! Just fold in the flap you cut to make the hand hold stronger.

As Aventura movers we try to make sure our customers are well informed. If you need or know someone of needs Hollywood FL movers give GM Van Lines a call…